Lettuces are the original specialty of Vegpro. Through our farms, 100% of the volume sold is grown by our own teams. We adhere to the highest standards of quality and safety. Our geographical position allows us to deliver year round to major markets on the East Coast with minimum delay.

Romaine Lettuce

We grow several lettuces varieties to better address the needs of the retail and the processing markets. We also offer a variety of packaging formats to meet your demands. Finally, thanks to a significant investment in research and development, we are always on the lookout for new cultivars.

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Iceberg Lettuce

We are a major supplier of iceberg lettuce for the processing and retail markets. Our advanced equipment allows us to provide a variety of sizes: whole or coreless, wrapped or not, in boxes or bins. Various research in partnership with universities have also allowed us to develop iceberg lettuce varieties adapted to the East Coast

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We stand out in the carrot market through our local vegetable production and packaging abilities. Our equipment acquired in 2012, including a scanner system, allow us to achieve the highest calibration standards required by our customers and our rich soils ensure an irreproachable taste.

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Dry Shallots

The dry shallot has a more subtle and sweeter flavor than the onion. It is used either raw or cooked as a vegetable or condiment. A gastronomic ingredient, it will flavor your salads, sauces and dishes. This local vegetable is available year-round in practical containers made from 100% recycled materials.

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Red Onions

As the largest onion grower in Quebec, Canada, we also grow delicious red onions. Either packed in traditional mesh bags or our unique perforated polybags, keeping onions skins inside the bad for cleaner display and storage, they are a must in any kitchen.

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Yellow Onions

Specializing in yellow onion, we provide the main food chains of Canada and North-East USA year-round. The flexibility of our packing plant allows us to supply our clients with a multitude of size. Backed by 30 years of business expertise, the quality of our onions allows us to export in many countries.

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