Our attitude

For nearly 20 years, we, at Vegpro International Inc., have been the leading producer of fresh salad and vegetables in Canada. Specialized in the production, washing and packaging of field-grown mesclun lettuces, we also market a wide range of local vegetables grown on our own farmlands across North America. Our products are available throughout the year under the trusted brand FRESH ATTITUDE.

Our mission is to be recognized as a leader in innovation of agricultural production and packaging of ready to eat fresh salads and vegetables, by bringing a combination of freshness and convenience to North America all year-round.

Our vision is to offer consumers the freshest ready to eat healthy meals made with fresh lettuces, fruits and vegetables grown from trusted local sources.

At Fresh Attitude, we believe that everyone should have access to the benefits only nature can give us. Living with the upmost respect to the land and to our consumers, more than 1000 employees are devoted each day to grow and pack the freshest, healthiest, most innovative and best tasting ready to eat fresh salads.

Our values

We remain true to the collaboration and community values ​​that embody our company and have made ​​our reputation for the past 20 years.



Our success as a vertically integrated local vegetable producer would not be possible without the coordination of all our employees and partners skills.



We follow strict quality control procedures throughout our production stages to offer fresh salads and vegetables grown and prepared in a safe and secure environment.



We grow our own fresh salads and vegetables and can guarantee their quality and freshness as we control the process at the source.


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No matter how unpredictable it can be, we depend on nature and remain grateful and humble of the fresh lettuces and vegetables it gives us every season.


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Most people want to eat natural healthy food but may not have time or skills to prepare such meals. Our products are healthy and easy to prepare so they can be enjoyed by all.

Our story

Off the boat from Holland, Pierre and John Van Winden each buy their first land in Sherrington in southern Quebec, a few kilometers away from the United States’ border. Back then, muck soils were rarely exploited in the area because of their lack of drainage. The two brothers, familiar with these dark fertile soils in their native land, seize the opportunity to grow local vegetables. Later joined by another sibling, Arie, the cooperation begins and all three help each other out with farm work by taking turns. With other farmers in the region, they even establish an onion packing cooperative, and later the SAPEC, a carrot packing cooperative to facilitate the marketing of farm-fresh produce.


Gradually taking over from Pierre, John and Arie, their children take part in the company’s activities. As the arrival of larger grocery chains is forging a new dynamic in the food market, the Van Winden decide to specialize in fresh lettuces. To reach markets beyond the province such as the Maritimes, Ontario and the northern portion of the United States, they also acquire the first modern cooling systems in Quebec as well as all the necessary equipment to maintain the cold chain. Gerry Van Winden, Peter’s son, is convinced that the key to success lies in providing vegetables to customers throughout the year and therefore devotes more of his time to marketing.

2nd generation take over

The new free trade agreement between Canada, Mexico and the United States opens up a new opportunity. Quickly, Gerry Van Winden sets up several partnerships with producers in Mexico and the southern United States. He also partners up with Anthony Fantin and four local vegetable producers to create Vegpro International Inc., a family-owned company with big dreams. Nurturing the goal of becoming a leader in the production and marketing of fresh vegetables in Eastern Canada and the United States, they focus on continuous innovation and develop commercial relations beyond their borders.

vegpro international creation

To better fulfil the increasing demand of its clients, Vegpro International sets in place a corporative farm: Vert Nature. It is the first farm in Canada to specialize in the culture of baby lettuce leaves, commonly known as mesclun. Almost simultaneously, a first packing plant is built next to the fields in Sherrington to reduce to a minimum the time between harvest and packing. To supply the market in the winter months, farming and packaging operations also start in Belle-Glade Florida. Within two years, both packing plants in Quebec and Florida must double their size and capacity to meet the growing popularity of mesclun and baby spinach.

mesclun adventure

A fire completely destroys the Quebec plant in 2006 but far from being discouraged, the Vegpro International team pulls together and manages to replenish all its customers through various partnerships in less than 2 weeks. Gerry Van Winden and Anthony Fantin immediately undertake the construction of a new plant and in spring 2007 “Salade Etcetera!” opens in Sherrington. This new plant is equipped with packing lines at the cutting edge of technology, allowing the packing of mesclun in clamshells but also the production of fresh salad kits and ready to eat healthy meals in family and individual format, all marketed under the brand name FRESH ATTITUDE.

ready to eat salads and beyond

With a brand amongst the best of its category and a fast-growing share of fresh salad consumers, Vegpro International expands the Sherrington salad packing plant twice from 2012 to 2016, each time doubling the production surface to now also pack organic mesclun and baby spinach. Plus, they acquire CAMS located in the Sherrington village and renovate completely its carrots and onions packing plant, upgrading the equipment to the latest technology available. More production capacity inevitably means more valuable employees who each day, join the several brothers, cousins and children of Gerry Van Winden to fulfil a dream shared by more than three generations.

growing more and more

Pursuing the desire to provide fresh, local and sustainable salads throughout North America, Vegpro International will start mesclun and baby spinach farming and packing operations in Western Canada in Spring 2018. Presenting optimal conditions to establish Canada’s first and leading organic lettuce growing operation, the Coldstream (BC) location will also grow conventional produce in distinct fields. Replicating the vertically integrated structure that contributed to the Sherrington and Belle-Glade locations’ success, a 70 000 square feet state of the art produce packing facility next to the farm will create additional employment opportunity for local communities.

going west

One of the founders of Vegpro, Mr. Anthony Fantin, joins forces with a new partner, Vision Ridge. The following year, the Fresh Attitude brand and its logo are revitalized.

year of foundation
devoted employees
salads packed every week
football fields harvested annually

Our commitment

We are formally committed to make every effort to produce, maintain and preserve the FRESH ATTITUDE mesclun lettuces safe and healthy for consumption through strict quality control procedures that are certified by government and independent agencies. This approach engages and involves all the employees at Vegpro International, from senior management to the frontline employees without exception, throughout all production stages.

our commitment - in the fields


  • Soil analysis

  • Irrigation water quality

  • Approved fertilizers and pesticides, used only if necessary and at the smallest dosage possible

  • Equipement control

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Internal and external audits of our farms and the ones of our partners

  • Raw produce quality

  • Traceability system

  • Recall procedures

our commitment - in the plant


  • Washing water quality

  • Foreign material control

  • Full sanitation program with approved cleaning chemicals performed on an everyday basis

  • Allergen control

  • Equipment maintenances

  • Internal and external audits of our facilities and of the ones of our suppliers

  • Microbiological analysis

  • Traceability system

  • Recall procedures

our commitment - during shipping


  • Cold chain control

  • Packaging control

  • Transport environment control

  • Internal and external audits

  • Traceability system

  • Recall procedures

  • Investigating complaints and customer feedback

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