Why does romaine lettuce turn red-orange?2018-12-27T18:10:18-05:00

Chopped romaine lettuce reacts with oxygen. This “oxidation” is a natural reaction. We control the proper oxygen level in Fresh Attitude containers only until they are opened. We recommend you to quickly enjoy any chopped lettuces product.

I found a bug in my Fresh Attitude lettuce, what can I do?2018-12-27T18:09:09-05:00

Insects are not toxic; some are even great allies against smaller insects detrimental to our cultures but we agree, your plate is not the place for them. All of our lettuces go through very high-tech equipment to detect and discard any debris and insects that could have been collected during harvesting. The majority of them do not make it pass the pre-rinsing step and there is very little possibility that a bug ends up in a finished product but unfortunately, some insects are harder to detect than others. If you find a bug, you can put it aside and rinse your lettuce with fresh water and dry it well before eating.

I found dirt on my Fresh Attitude lettuce, is this normal?2018-10-17T04:22:14-04:00

Since our fresh lettuces grow in fields it is possible, that due to heavy rains, dirt sticks to the leaves, despite the baths and rinsing. We suggest you rinse off your salad and dry it properly before consumption.

Do Fresh Attitude lettuces contain GMOs?2018-12-27T18:04:13-05:00


Are Fresh Attitude products free of any nuts?2018-10-17T04:16:33-04:00

A closed and controlled area of our plant is used for the packaging of our ready to eat fresh salad containing nuts. We apply measures and rigorous cleaning procedures to minimize the risk of allergen propagation.

Can the Fresh Attitude containers be recycled?2021-01-13T21:24:23-05:00

Yes, they are 100% recyclable and we greatly encourage you to do so. Bowls, lids and inserts are made from PET plastic, films are from OPET and PET plastic.

Are Fresh Attitude salads and lettuces organic?2018-10-17T04:17:33-04:00

Apart from our organic line, our Fresh Attitude mesclun lettuces and ready to eat salads are not organic. Over the years though, we have managed to develop our unique sustainable farming expertise, allowing us to opt for natural alternatives and limit to a minimum the use of herbicides and pesticides.

Where are Fresh Attitude lettuces grown?2018-10-17T03:58:33-04:00

Our fresh lettuces are sown directly in our fields of muck soils. During the summer, we harvest in Quebec and in British Columbia as of Spring 2018. In the winter, our lettuces come mostly from our farm in Florida to supply our Canadian and American packing plants.

Should Fresh Attitude ready to eat salads and lettuces be washed?2018-10-17T04:15:12-04:00

As soon as our fresh lettuces enter our packing plant, they are pre-rinsed, bathed in two different water basins and finally, rinsed again. There is no need to rewash at home unless indicated otherwise on the container. However, keeping in mind that this is a product harvested into fields, please be careful when handling the lettuces and sprinkle them over your plate rather than just tossing them from the container to make sure all leaves are fresh.

Why was the security seal changed on your containers?2021-11-03T23:50:17-04:00

The red seal made of polypropylene had not been recyclable because of its size. In the transition, we have replaced it with a seal made of the same material as the container. This new sealing method is now recyclable and secure. Please rest assured that your Fresh Attitude containers are securely sealed.

What is the shelf life of Fresh Attitude fresh salads and lettuces?2018-12-27T18:02:45-05:00

Salad freshness will be assured until, and may even go beyond, the date indicated on the container for the majority of our products. Unfortunately, once it is shipped from our packing plant, there are factors beyond our control that could make the lettuce lose its freshness prematurely. Since there are no additives or preservatives in our fresh lettuces, you should take a good look at the produce prior purchase and consumption for any signs of decay. For blends containing chopped romaine lettuce or chopped cabbages, it is best to consume the content within 48 hours once the container is opened; for mesclun lettuces we recommend 3-5 days after opening of the container. At all times, store promptly your salads in the refrigerator to maintain peak freshness.