Conveniently packed in separately sealed trays to preserve the integrity of the toppings, our salad kits combine fresh salad blends to a trio of tasty ingredients and dressing, free of artificial colour or preservatives. Available in family-size or single-serve clamshell packs, they are an ideal healthy and ready-to-eat salad solution at home or on the go.

Waldorf Kit

It is interesting to know that the Waldorf Salad was created around 1893 at the New York Waldorf Hotel. Our version of this classic uses a blend of baby kale. As the original recipe dictates, there are walnuts, dry raisins and apples. As for the celery, our Chef preferred to incorporate it into the dressing

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San Marino Mix Kit

The San Marino mix will make your taste buds travel to Italy! Our popular San Marino blend of baby greens and arugula is subtly enhanced by exotic ingredients: grilled coconut, fresh apple, a blend of three berries and our famous raspberry and poppy seed dressing.

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Southwest Kit

Creamy salsa, Tex-Mex cheese and tortillas served on a bed of crispy romaine lettuce are reunited to make you feel like it was made straight from the best Texan restaurants. Enjoy sunny zesty flavors in every bite of this southwest salad.

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Greek Mix Kit

Inspired by the traditional Mediterranean cuisine, this Greek salad is a true classic for adults and for sure one of kids’ favorite way to enjoy vegetables. Served on a bed of crisp romaine lettuce, you will love the feta cheese, its delicious pita chips and the fresh salsa made from ripe tomatoes, bell peppers and

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Caesar Kit

Made with crunchy Romaine lettuce, tasty croutons and grated asiago cheese, this classic salad now includes natural bacon in the dressing. A salad ready in minutes, that will make even the greatest chefs envious.

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Spring Mix Kit

Enjoy a tasty blend of mesclun topped with fresh apples, diced roasted almonds and dried cranberries. Toss in all ingredients right in the container and drizzle over the much-enjoyed raspberry and poppy seed vinaigrette to get the perfect fruity and sweet salad in just seconds.

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