Try out our prewashed fresh lettuce blends offered in sizes of 142 g (5 oz), 312 g (11 oz) or 454 g (16 oz). From baby spinach to cut romaine, each blend or mesclun salad is assembled from field-grown lettuce leaves from sustainable farming to provide a distinct tasting experience and colourful plate every time.

Hearty Harvest

Hearty Harvest is the crunchiest blend of our baby lettuce range. It blends perfectly with creamy dressings like Ranch or Caesar. This wise dosage of red and green leaves will perfectly enhance your plate.

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Cut Romaine

No need to struggle with regular romaine lettuce anymore. This high in flavor classic will allow you to recreate a Caesar salad or chef salad in seconds without the whole wash and spin lettuce headache.

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San Marino Mix

Inspired by the traditional flavors of Italy, the San Marino mix is a mesclun subtly enhanced with peppery arugula. The slightly zesty taste profile matches up with the bold colors of other young leaves in the blend, such as mizuna, spinach, or Lollo Rossa.

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Traditionally consumed in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Arugula is slightly peppery and baby leaves have a subtle nutty flavor. Much appreciated by gourmets, Arugula goes well with traditional Italian dishes such as homemade pizza.  

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Duo Baby Kale Spinach

Crispy and nutrient-dense, this combination of kale and spinach is full of flavor. A delicious alternative that goes perfectly with all kinds of salad dressings. Reinvent your salads or make it your best ally for your morning smoothies.

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Half n Half

Not sure if you want to buy baby spinach or spring mix this week? Try the best of both worlds with the Half n Half blend, where you will get 50% baby spinach and 50% mesclun. The pleasant flavor of the spinach will bring crunch and mild taste to your salads.

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Baby Kale Blend

The baby kale blend is ​​a mesclun made of several varieties of baby lettuce enhanced with baby kale leaves. Kale provides flavor and nutritional strength thanks to its high antioxidant content and great reputation as a superfood.

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Baby Spinach

Remarkably nutritious, baby spinach leaves show a tender texture and pronounced flavor that can be enjoyed in countless dishes. Raw or cooked, they will please both adults and kids. Make sure to consult our recipe section to see the possibilities.

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Spring Mix

The 7 to 13 varieties of baby lettuces in this classic mesclun will bring excitement and originality to your appetizers in addition to being incredibly rich in flavors. From young traditional Romaine lettuce leaves to bold Arugula and the elegant Lollo Rossa, the Fresh Attitude Spring Mix components will vary during the season to meet

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Asian Mix

Rich in exotic flavors, the Asian Mix is a type of mesclun that will surprise you with its unique taste. Featuring a smart balance of tatsoi, mizuna, spinach, tango and red mustard, it is as pleasant to the eyes as to your taste buds.  

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