Growing together

At FRESH ATTITUDE, our culture is more than fresh lettuces. We help our employees develop their talents and grow within the company, as well as nurturing their own careers. As a vertically integrated company and as a leader in the food-processing industry showing sustainable growth year after year, all of our farms, plants, warehouses and head office foster a culture of teamwork and knowledge sharing, supportive of your skills development.

As a family-owned company, we are rooted to the one thing that makes this adventure possible everyday: our employees. Join an experienced team of over 1000 employees, inclusive of professional, generational and cultural diversity, and where health, safety and happiness come first in producing locally grown fresh salad kits you will be more than proud of.

Innovation does not only reside in the products we market, but also in our employees’ creativity and involvement in improving our work methods and technologies. Be part of a team where everyone’s input is valued, and take pride in bringing more healthy, fresh vegetables to the plate.

Job openings

Growing benefits

  • Competitive agri-food sector remuneration

  • Several forms of compensation according to job categories

    • annual indexation
    • bonus or lump sum
    • regular progression
  • Evening and night shift bonuses at plant

  • Weekly pay

  • Full benefit package for full-time permanent employees

  • Optional RRSP program

  • Paid sick days and holidays

  • Employee Referral Bonus

  • Paid vacation and leave without pay policies

Growing passion

Have a sense of the passion that drives each and every one of us everyday in making the freshest salads and local vegetables available by viewing the testimonials below.

Come and be passionate about what you do too.

employees using the free shuttle
production shifts
continuous trainings paid to employees
packing plants in North-America

Growing happily

Wether you join the farm, the plant, the warehouse or the head office teams, you will be sure to find a safe and stimulating working environment where your career will grow.

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Job openings

20 more reasons to join


Welcome and integration plan

Knowledge passing between peers

Several possible continuing education programs

Forklift operator training for license

Recognition of Acquired Competencies program for machine operators


Bright and complete dining areas

Sunny terrace and picnic tables

Free parking

Shuttle service for each shift with various stops near major cities

Lockers with padlock


Annual BBQ

Evening-meal-dance at the end of the year

Reimbursement of professional association fees

Reward for performance and good conduct regarding health and safety at work

Work anniversary celebrations


Several personal protective equipment provided

Product donation (vegetables) to employees

Part-time employee and student flexible schedules

Vending machines, refrigerators and microwaves provided

Less than 45 to 60 minutes from major urban centers

Spontaneous application

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Send your resume