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Spring Mix

The 7 to 13 varieties of baby lettuces in this classic mesclun will bring excitement and originality to your appetizers in addition to being incredibly rich in flavors. From young traditional Romaine lettuce leaves to bold Arugula and the elegant Lollo Rossa, the Fresh Attitude Spring Mix components will vary during the season to meet harvest peeks and prevent spoilage, making it our most sustainable lettuce blend.

arugula roguette

Traditionally consumed in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Arugula is slightly peppery and the young leaves have a subtle nutty flavor. Pleasantly surprising in salads its pronounced and unusual flavor makes it an excellent aromatic herb which enhances dishes of all kinds. Much appreciated by gourmets, Arugula goes well with traditional Italian dishes such as homemade pizza.

styled for your life

Because we grow and pack our own vegetables and lettuces, we are committed to provide products of the highest quality. Our first commitment is to each of you, who, every day, are choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle while enjoying our delicious salads.

To do this, we have a quality and traceability system that is more meticulous. It far exceeds the minimum standards in our industry. Our second commitment is towards the nature through which we can provide you good products. We see our land as a precious gift to pass on to our children.

we're creating jobs here

A leader in its industry; we are recognized for the quality of our salads and vegetables, and especially for our ability to innovate. We recognize that our success is based primarily on the talent and the commitment of our employees, in British Columbia, Quebec and the United States.

Are you seeking challenges and do you want to achieve your career ambitions?

Be a part of our vision, playing a role fashioned for you.

our attitude

For nearly 20 years, we, at Vegpro International Inc., have been the leading producer of fresh salad and vegetables in Canada. Specialized in the production, washing and packaging of field-grown mesclun lettuces, we also market a wide range of local vegetables grown on our own farmlands across North America. Our products are available throughout the year under the trusted brand FRESH ATTITUDE.

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