Certified by Ecocert, our Fresh Attitude Organic lettuce blends and organic mesclun are made of baby greens carefully selected, thoroughly washed and nicely packaged in clamshells made of 100% recyclable plastic. As of Fall 2018, we have also started to grow organic lettuces in the Okanagan Valley, making it the first large scale organic production of this type in Canada.

Organic 50-50 blend

Enjoy the vibrant colors and tenderness of organic mesclun mixed with nutrient-packed organic spinach in this simple yet great combination of baby greens. You will never need to choose between the two ever again.

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Organic Spring Mix

Made from the finest in shape, colour and taste baby lettuces, this organic mesclun is incredibly rich in flavors, every one more sophisticated than other. Enjoy this organic salad with the dressing of your choice and be sure to be impressed by the versatility of this blend.

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Organic Baby Spinach

Remarkably nutritious, baby spinach leaves show a tender texture and pronounced flavor that can be enjoyed in countless dishes, raw or cooked. They can be savoured in salads accompanied by citrus and strong flavors like garlic or shallots. Cooked and enjoyed around the world, spinach is the main ingredient in an Italian dish called “Florentine”.

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Organic Arugula

Traditionally consumed in southern Europe and the Mediterranean, Arugula is slightly peppery and young leaves have subtle nutty flavour. Pleasantly surprising in salads, our organic arugula pronounced and unusual flavor makes it an excellent aromatic herb to enhance dishes of all kinds. Add a little extra zest to your plate with a few organic arugula leaves,

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Organic Baby Kale

The organic baby kale is perfect to enhance your omelette and even your pasta. Use it as you would do with spinach, it is also a great option to incorporate a serving or two of veggies into your green smoothie.

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