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Ready to cook vegetables

Prepare your vegetables in a different way with this new WOK variety. Made from eight pre-washed and crispy vegetables, this side dish is enhanced by a tasty sauce. Ready in few minutes, these delightful kits are gluten free and vegan.


Prewashed Lettuce Blends

With our pre-washed lettuce blends, we offer a wide range of greens to give colors to your meals. Seven varieties are offered in sizes of 5, 11 and 16 oz.


Super Food

Check out our new “Super Food” line of pre-washed baby lettuce in clamshells. Prepared with baby kale, these blends combine flavor and nutritional value.


Ready-to-Eat Salad Kits

Our Fresh Attitude kits combine our fresh salad mixes to a trio of tasty ingredients and dressing, without coloring or preservatives. They are the ideal healthy option at home and at work.


Side salad kits

Vitamin up your meal
These vivid salad kits are fashioned with crisp chopped vegetables and exclusive chef-crafted dressing creations.
Calm down your cravings with this snack-size salad portion or make it a quick side salad to brighten up your meal.
Ready-to-eat, they bring a refreshing trendy twist on salad, anytime, anywhere!


Fresh Attitude Organic

Certified by Ecocert, our new Fresh Attitude Organic blends are made of baby greens carefully selected, thoroughly washed and nicely packaged in clamshells made of 100% recyclable plastic.


Other Vegetables

The romaine, iceberg and leaf lettuce are the historical specialty of Vegpro International Inc. However, our farming partners produce a multitude of other vegetables. Most of these products are sold in bulk to various wholesalers, processors and retailers. They are not all marketed under the brand Fresh Attitude