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Vegpro International launches new WOK FRESH Attitude ™ Line

Posted by: Jvanwinden, Friday, September 28, 2018

A warm and vitamin-rich side dish, ideal for helping consumers make wiser food choices.


Sherrington, Québec – September 26, 2018 – Awareness campaigns that encourage Canadians to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet are abundant. To help consumers in a hurry to achieve this goal, Vegpro International, the vegetable producers behind the popular FRESH Attitude lettuce and mixes, is proud to introduce its brand new range of fresh and ready-to-cook vegetable stir-fries.


Prepared locally

Prepared at its Sherrington facility in Canada, in part from field-grown vegetables, these products are available at the refrigerated counter in the fruit and vegetable section of the main grocery chains in Quebec and Ontario (Canada) such as IGA, Metro, Super C and Food Basics.


Freshness at every bite

Available as a family portion, these vegetable stir-fries are easy to cook in a wok or in a large pan for a quick nutritious meal. Made from eight pre-washed and crisp vegetables, these side dishes are enhanced with a tasty sauce. Available in four delicious flavors, they will please your entire family. Ginger and Citrus, Sweet and Sour, Korean Red Pepper and Thai Sweet Chili, each recipe has been carefully crafted by our chef to offer a gluten-free and vegan selection. Add a protein to get a high-quality meal solution based with fresh vegetables.


These practical sautés allow you to revisit simplicity with healthy eating habits.


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