Other Vegetables


Yellow onions

Specializing in yellow onion, we provide the main food chains of Canada year round. The flexibility of our packing plant allows us to supply you with a multitude of size. Backed by 30 years of business expertise, the quality of our onions allows us to export in many countries.


Gourmet Duo

The new Fresh Attitude Gourmet Duo consists of two whole multiple leaf salads, easy to prepare. Each package contains a red and a green lettuce that will help you create colorful plates in a jiffy. Cut the lettuce core, gently rinse and you will get tasty leaves, ready to prepare as tapas, sandwiches or salads in beautiful vibrant colors.


Dry shallots

The dry shallot has a more subtle and sweeter flavor than the onion. It is used either raw or cooked as a vegetable or condiment. A gastronomic ingredient, it will flavor your salads, sauces and dishes. They are available year round in 12.3 oz containers.