Ready to cook vegetables


Sweet Chili Thai

This vegetable mix is enhanced with a tasty sweet sauce. Easy to prepare, this side dish will give an Asian touch to your meal. We want to help consumers make smart food choices.


Sweet & Sour

Discover the new turnkey WOK variety that will allow you to make healthy choices at mealtime. Reinvent your side dish vegetables with our sweet & sour sauce. Asian-inspired, this delicious sauce is both sweet and salty. Sauté the veggies to perfection for a truly crunchy result.


Korean Red Pepper

The Korean Red Pepper sauce is a perfect match for fresh vegetables in our newest WOK variety. This delightful mixture of pepper and chili will appeal to lovers of spicy cuisine. Elevate your meal with this healthy side dish with a distinctive taste.


Ginger Citrus

Here’s a new way to prepare your vegetables with this new WOK variety. Find out more about this delicious mix of ginger, citrus and lime with sesame oil. A flavorful sauce with a fine citrus fragrance completes the kit.